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    • 怎么样防范油烟净化器管道火灾
    • 本站编辑:杭州东润科技实业有限公司发布日期:2020-03-05 15:43 浏览次数:





    In the process of using the oil fume purifier pipe for a long time, oil will stick to the pipe wall, oil is a combustible object, it will burn in case of open fire, in order to prevent the oil fume pipe fire from happening, the Department of Elimination and visits reminds you of the following points in the business of cooking oil fume purifiers: the Kitchen, in the course of daily use, constantly produces oil fume. These oil fume has been accumulated and air-dried for a long time, it will form inflammable oil block adsorbed on the inner wall of the pipeline, which is difficult to clean and is not easy to remove. It is suggested that the parts of the oil fume purifier, eye mask and discharge pipeline should be cleaned regularly. Do not cut corners because of increasing costs, stir-fry when trying to reduce the explosion of open fire, so as not to be drawn into the pipe fan, causing a fire. Guangdong Suke Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. self-developed sales of oil fume purifier automatic cleaning machine, can 244 hours a day into cleaning, to ensure long-term operation of oil fume purifier, reduce maintenance, save labor costs. In terms of pipe materials, attention should be paid to the use of special materials for cooking fume pipes. In order to reduce costs, many small and medium-sized restaurants use iron products that are flammable and easily adsorbed by cooking fume to make chimneys and exhaust hood, once stir-fry food in the pot when the fire, due to the fan suction will lead to the fire into the pipeline, lead to pipeline grease directly ignited, leading to fire. Special kitchen must be equipped with fire extinguisher equipment, once found out that the open fire is out of control, can immediately put out the fire source, avoid the loss caused by the fire, some large catering industry should be equipped with fire hydrants, because the grease in the pipe is ignited after the fire spread quickly, fire extinguishers can not reach the fire hydrant to fight. The kitchen has the open fire existence can not leave the person, the more lampblack pipeline fire is because uses the open fire when nobody is present, causes the fire to be discovered when is unable to control, causes the inestimable loss. Some operators can be trained in fire safety knowledge, specify the rules and regulations of fire and electricity in the kitchen, to ensure that the kitchen when there is fire can not leave people.

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