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    • 排烟管道和通风管道的区别
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    Because of their similar shape, many people confuse the ventilation duct with the smoke exhaust duct. Here's the difference between the ventilation duct and the smoke exhaust duct. The function is different, the ventilating duct is the specialized air supply and the exhaust duct, the goal is maintains the indoor air unobstructed, plays the exchange air the role. The smoke exhaust pipe is generated in the room to discharge the smoke, do not need to supply air, 2. Use of the difference, wind pipe in the installation to ensure smooth and clean surface, installed in the outdoor wind pipe also need to take certain measures to achieve the goal of cold and damp. When the air duct into the structure, the end should be installed with Steel Mesh, to prevent the system operation, external debris will be generated by the suction into the air duct, resulting in machine damage. Although they are all made of galvanized iron sheet, the smoke exhaust duct requires high temperature resistance and higher requirements for fire protection. In architectural design, the thickness of the galvanized iron sheet of the smoke exhaust duct is selected according to the high pressure standard General ventilation system is in accordance with the low-pressure system selected; if not air-conditioning system duct, general ventilation does not need heat preservation, smoke exhaust duct if indoor installation, general to do heat insulation treatment. Exhaust smoke pipe, on the pipe itself is a pipe, but from the name and function, you can see the difference. Ventilation plays the role of ventilation to keep the indoor air open, so the ventilation duct is for the room or equipment supply and exhaust air duct. Smoke exhaust pipe is a special pipe for smoke emission.

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