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    • 油烟净化器选购技巧
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    1, look at the purification efficiency
    The function of the fume purifier is to purify, so in the selection process, the reference purification efficiency should be the core standard. One of the most important standards is the CEP certificate and product detection. Each regular smoke purifier manufacturer needs these two types. This is also the most basic. The above code is unique and can be used in the official website of the China Environmental Association. Or product detection website for inquiries, This is recognized by the environmental inspection department.
    2, look at restaurant business needs
    According to the needs of different restaurant enterprises and local inspection departments, the industry has always advocated the idea of choosing different smoke purifier products. Many users simply ignore the importance of the demand and blindly follow the crowd. As a result, the chosen smoke purifier product can not meet their own needs. There are countless cases in real life. From the actual needs, we can better choose products, thus solving the problem of demand
    2, look at after-sales service
    The problem of after-sales service can not be ignored in the process of choosing the soot purifier. Because in the use of the process, the daily maintenance and installation of the process, must require after-sales service support. In particular, the properties of the soot purifier itself are gradually declining with the use of time to purify the efficiency. Therefore, the soot purifier must need daily maintenance and cleaning in order to ensure the daily use of the fume purifier efficiency. At present, many manufacturers on the market, because after-sales service is not perfect enough, so it is difficult to ensure the user's experience.
    Founded in 2000, Hangzhou dongrun technology and industry Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to specialize in waste gas management, and is also the first enterprise to use high voltage electrostatic field technology to participate in the treatment of cooking oil and tobacco in China. After more than a decade of hard work, Dongrun Technology has developed into a complete industrial chain enterprise that integrates environmental protection technology research and development, product production, and exhaust gas engineering implementation. Dongrun product research and development and production has always pursued the goal of using high efficiency, product optimization and service specialization. It has provided exhaust gas purification programs for many industrial and mining enterprises and catering units that deal with complex environments, and has won widespread respect from customers. In 2012, Dongrun consolidated its own industrial resources, strengthened its scientific research and testing capabilities, and combined it with production and social practices to finally cast and launch the DR brand. Dongrun DR will continue to be based in Hangzhou and face the domestic and international markets. With a sincere and enterprising attitude, it will devote its efforts to R&D, production, and services, give full play to its potential and creativity, and contribute to the development of the Environmental Protection industry.



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