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    • 排烟管道有噪音的原因
    • 本站编辑:杭州东润科技实业有限公司发布日期:2019-04-08 13:36 浏览次数:


    1. 油烟机安装不够牢固。如放的位置不平整、螺丝松动、零件脱落造成极其工作时与支架发生共振产生噪音,此时就需要重装油烟机或者零部件,一定要做好位置估算,确保安装正确。

    2. 止逆阀安装不对。比如止逆阀失效、脱落等,导致排烟效果不好,油烟在管道中和止逆阀发生共振或者气流扰动,容易发生噪音,此时应该重新安装止逆阀或更换新的止逆阀。

    3. 风轮叶片变形、安装不正确。由于长期的使用,风轮附着有大量的油污,导致不平衡,或者叶片部分断裂等都会导致噪音发生,此时应该定期清洗油烟机,必要时更换风轮。

    4. 油烟机和管道长期没有清洗。长期工作的油污和异物都在烟道和油烟机内部,风扇也不稳定,导致噪音很大。这样就应该定期清洗油烟机和管道,保持气流通常。

    5. 厨房空气不流通、封闭。这样造成油烟机和管道对流不畅,厨房内部不能形成负压,排气不畅,也会产生噪音,所以一定要不吃厨房的通风。



    The smoke pipe noise has the following reasons. According to the reasons, it can be used as a remedy:
    1. Cigarette machine installation is not strong enough. If the position of the place is uneven, the screw is loose, and the parts fall off, it will cause resonance noise with the bracket when it is extremely working. At this time, it is necessary to reload the soot machine or the parts. It is necessary to make good position estimation to ensure that the installation is correct.
    2. Inverse valve is not installed correctly. For example, the check valve fails, falls off, etc., resulting in poor smoke exhaust effect. The oil smoke resonates with the check valve in the pipeline or the air flow disturbance, which is prone to noise. At this time, the check valve should be reinstalled or replaced with a new check valve.
    3. Wind wheel blade deformation, installation is not correct. Due to long-term use, there is a large amount of oil pollution attached to the wind wheel, resulting in imbalances, or partial fractures of the leaves, which can lead to noise. At this time, the smoke machine should be cleaned regularly and the wind wheel should be replaced if necessary.
    4. Cigarettes and pipes have not been cleaned for a long time. Long working oil and foreign matter are inside the flue and flue machine, fans are also unstable, resulting in a lot of noise. This should be done regularly to clean the flue machine and pipe to keep the airflow normal.
    5. Kitchen air is not circulated, closed. This causes the smoke machine and the pipeline convection is not smooth, the kitchen interior can not form negative pressure, exhaust is not smooth, will also produce noise, so must not eat the kitchen ventilation.
    In addition, if you have special requirements for silent kitchens, noise can be eliminated by using some necessary measures, such as placing silencing bricks on the walls or top of the kitchen, applying soundproof paint to install soundproof doors, and of course you can choose non-noise cooking stoves. Can reduce noise. The first is to put silencer bricks on the walls or ceilings, or to apply silencer paint and install soundproof doors; Noise reduction for exhaust pipes can be corrected by professional environmental protection companies, such as installing soundproof cotton, installing professional soundproofing equipment and silencing systems to completely reduce the noise of the pipes.

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