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    • 厨具清洁重要吗?
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    Removal of the peculiar smell of chopsticks
    Chopsticks will also smell bad after they have been used for a period of time, so we must cultivate the habit of regular chopsticks. When boiled, put some white vinegar, the effect will be better.
    Cutting the smell of the kitchen knife
    The kitchen knife has fishy smell or onion and garlic flavor. It can be cleaned with salt and baked on fire. It can remove peculiar smell.
    Eliminate the peculiar smell of tableware
    A few slices of lemon peel and orange peel or a few drops of vinegar can be used to remove the peculiar smell on dishes such as dishes. At the same time, it can soften hard water and increase the luster of porcelain.
    The smell of kitchen utensils
    The smell of kitchenware can be removed by salt, vinegar, rice water, tea residue and vegetable soup. The most convenient way to remove peculiar smell and peculiar smell is to boil water and put vinegar on water.
    The trick of the stink of the anvil
    After cutting fish, do not immediately use hot water to clean the cutting board, because fish and protein, as long as a hot water will solidify, so the smell is easily left on the cutting board, the correct method should be first washed with cold water. In addition, if the cutting board has been stained with the fishy smell, you can first use cold water to clean it, add some salt and rub it, or brush a little alcohol with a toothbrush, and then rinse with hot water to remove the smell.
    Kitchen is used to make food, so the health is very important, kitchen utensils need regular cleaning, do not be afraid of trouble do not do, but now life is still very convenient if you really feel that the kitchen is more tired to choose professional people to help the kitchen cleaning.

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